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Re: Crazy dependancy issues in f7?

Dan wrote on Tue, Jul 03 2007 at 20:28 (+1000):
> Now I'm trying to remove gnome, x11, and all the useless crap I wont ever
> need on a server (synaptics?) when I reached this point: grub required
> gtk2.
> Why the hell does a boot manager, grub, require a graphical toolkit?
> The only way I could remove gtk2 was to remove grub. Example, to now
> install grub:
> Installing:
>  grub                    i386       0.97-13          fedora            489 k
> Installing for dependencies:
>  fedora-logos            noarch     6.0.98-3.fc7     fedora            5.0 M
>  gtk2                    i386       2.10.13-1.fc7    updates           6.8 M
>  gtk2-engines            i386       2.10.2-2.fc7     updates           413 k
>  redhat-artwork          i386       7.0.0-9.fc7      fedora            6.1 M
> WHY?!? Am I the only person that finds this completely and utterly
> absurd?

Hm, here it looks different:

samba:~$ yum deplist grub
Loading "installonlyn" plugin
Finding dependencies: 
Excluding Packages in global exclude list
package: grub.x86_64 0.97-13
  dependency: system-logos
   provider: fedora-logos.noarch 6.0.98-3.fc7
  dependency: /sbin/install-info
   provider: info.x86_64 4.8-15
  dependency: /bin/sh
   provider: bash.x86_64 3.2-9.fc7
  dependency: mktemp
   provider: mktemp.x86_64 3:1.5-25.fc7
  dependency: /usr/bin/cmp
   provider: diffutils.x86_64 2.8.1-16.fc7

I don't see gtk, but maybe yum isn't perfect.

Same for your smartmontools issue:
43 samba:~$ yum deplist smartmontools | grep usermod
Exit 1

On Fedora 7.



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