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Re: How to generate č (c-hachek) in KDE

Yes, as was pointed out, the diacritical mark plus space will also produce the 
apostrophe, quotation mark, tilde, circumflex, hachek, accent grave, but not 
the accent aigu (acute ´) nor the umlaut (diaresis ¨).

This is because umlaut/diaresis and quotation mark, and apostrophe and accent 
acute/aigu each share a key.

AltGr-9 and AltGr-0 (zero) also are diacritical marks. Shifted, they can be 
applied. I am not certain what they are. AltGr-Shift-9 puts a mark over 
a 'g', as in Turkish, and AltGr-Shift-zero puts a circle over a 'y', and 
other vowels, as in Scandinavian languages. There may be others I haven't 

Another observation: if you set the menu key (at right, next to right control) 
to be the compose key, then it doesn't work in kmail (all of kde?). Set it to 
right win instead.


PS: The second 's' here, as appears in Turkish, was made using compose comma 
+ 's'.

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