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F7 and Happy

I wish to make a confession. I had been using Fedora Core 4 for at least 2 years when it occurred to me I might like to upgrade. I learned to use yum there and felt ready for other changes. I decided to go straight to Fedora 7 and did so, Not upgrading FC4 but a fresh load. It took a day and a half to download.

The kernel was buggy, and lots of things were just strange. And this list was full of messages about strange things that happened on Fedora 7. Several times it was suggested to just upgrade your FC6 and hang onto the kernel. This told me that I better load Fedora Core 6 and get used to the new features. I did that.

On FC6 I discovered that the new Fedora is really Linux with a lot of new applications. I fooled around and with help, changed my /etc/fstab so I can mount my older Linux and bring old things to my new system. This all works great! I use the terminal a lot like it should be, and it works just as it should. I was told to use the Thunderbird and Firefox on FC6 or yum from Fedora. Thought about that and did as I have in the past. I got both from the web page and discovered I was missing a lib. I yummed the lib and both worked just fine. Fooled around and made the font larger and easier to read, but thunderbird has trouble (is slow) to open the mail.

I decided that there was a new kernel in the upgrade to F7 so I loaded it again and right away got all the updates 50 in and I started to learn the in and out of F7. It looks and feels like FC6, no big surprise. Little problems with things like Adobe Acrobat which it looks like Adobe will start charging for the Acrobat in a few days.

Read with interest the mail on WiFi use with F7 on a lap-top. That got me interested in the Fedora and Intel software that does the WiFi for many F7 users. I need today to ask on the NetworkManager list some questions and will get to it.

In summary I am on Fedora 7 now. Happy with zero problems loading the software on this old computer and my newer lap-top. I have small problems that come and go but can be corrected with a simple fix. I entered a bug report which is still active but there are a lot before it. I can get along with the Alsa Mixer as it is now.


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