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Re: Firefox won't click

i've had that freezing orphan problem on windows, but never seen it in Fedora sometimes Fx freezes, but thanks to its crash recovery feature it's more or less manageable

sbeam wrote:
I have seen this problem as well, every few weeks as you say. Usually when I have about 2 dozen tabs open and am in the middle of some fun project.
Restarting Firefox solves it.

Also sometimes have a problem where firefox refuses to open a new window anymore, it just does nothing. In that case I have to 'killall firefox' as merely closing the existing windows leaves orphans. Not related, but interesting nonetheless.

On Tuesday 03 July 2007, Konstantin Svist wrote:
Today 04:05:27 pm
Problem with that approach is that the issue is very intermittent (sometimes once per day but other times once per 2-3 weeks) - and i would really prefer not to stay without my extensions for a long
of time...
That's why I was asking if anyone else has seen the same problem.

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