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Re: having trouble with web site and resolving a host

On Tue, 2007-07-03 at 10:29 -0500, Scott Berry wrote:
> I just wrote in the /etc/hosts this line is this the correct way to do
> this?
> pilotalk.com www.pilotalk.com 

As Frank said, you need to keep the localhost information, and you may
not need the www one.  That depends on whether your webserver works both
ways (with and without the www prefix).

If your machine was on the local address of, I would have
done it this way:  localhost.localdomain  localhost  pilotalk.com www.pilotalk.com 

If you were also serving out FTP, which the thread initially indicated
by then said no, I would be tempted to add ftp.pilotalk.com onto the end
of that line too.  Regardless of whether you intended to serve a server
on an address like that, people often expect it.  Of course, that'd need
to be in DNS too.  Don't bother doing something like that with SSH,

i.e. The point being that some people expect to find some services using
the popular sub-domain names (websites with www ones, file servers with
ftp ones, and so on).

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