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Re: Resume on a Suspended Lap-top

Paul Johnson wrote:
On 7/3/07, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
>    I hit suspend on my F7 laptop and it did go to sleep. Alas I have
> no idea how to wake it up. I found no docs yet but need to look at
> /usr/share/doc/ perhaps.

Today in bugzilla I read about a very promising hint.  Many people who
are more sophisticated than I am have gone to the trouble of
recompiling the kernel over and over to isolate the problem, and they
link it to a component "hpet", high performance time sync or something
like that.   On my Dell, the problem is that the sysstem suspends,
buit it does not wake up.  After putting a kernel flag hpet=disable in
grub, then the system almost resumes.  It wakes up, the screen comes
to life, and it apears OK, except that the keyboard does not work.
That's a sign they are on the right track, as far as I can tell.  Some
people have posted that the suspend bug has been fixed in some kernels
they are testing for FC8.

Thanks for the tip, this has got suspend working for me
(with ipw3945 and desktop effects on a Sony if anyone cares).


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