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Re: Kernel update

Rohan Kulkarni writes:

Hello friends,
            How do I update to the latest kernel version and then build it without using YUM?I have the <URL:> kernel and want to
            upgrade to <URL:>

Please stop using whatever you're using to send mail. Your mail software is generating crap HTML.

The instructions for building the kernel can be found in the kernal tarball.

You should also fully understand -- since you're apparently trying this without having done this before -- that you should be playing with this on a machine that you consider to be fully expendable. A single mistake during this process, and you're going to end up with a non-bootable brick. Especially true for Fedora, whose userland does have certain dependencies on the expected kernel configuration.

Do not play with custom kernels on your machine if it contains data that you consider important.

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