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Re: Evolution doesn't save state

Robin Laing wrote:

you can clarify your objection to how it works. Is seems possible you
are taking about IMAP processing with the exchange server where the
messages remain on the server. If so I can see that the evolution
approach might be a problem. Is that it?

No IMAP in my case. Not allowed with the IT staff. Only OWA using the connector. It may have been fixed in the newer versions of Evolution that what was on FC4 but I have gotten into the routine of expunging my mail before closing Evolution after I had a stuffed inbox with moved (deleted) messages. At least messages marked for deletion.

I will have to test again to see if this is working correctly in FC6.

But the issue is when Evolution does it's tasks. They should be done immediately, not when Evolution closes. This brings up the question of how it handles crashes, just as mine did this morning?

I think the problem is that the owa interface is very inefficient compared to one like IMAP that was intended as a client API, so the operations are batched. Be sure your company management knows that you are wasting time getting your mail. Maybe they'll give you a laptop with Outlook if they don't want to turn on IMAP.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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