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Re: CNN video

Gene Heskett wrote:
On Wednesday 04 July 2007, Rod Haper wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:
On Wednesday 04 July 2007, Rod Haper wrote:
I just tried this, set it for Netscape-4.8, and got told I needed the
Turner Media player with the option to download it now.  All other
spoofs don't get past opening the player window, but don't error either.
What version of the flash plugin do you have installed?  What does
about:plugins report?  You need Flash Player version 8 or later.
I have 9.
That is very strange as it is working for me and numerous others.  Are
you sure that about:plugins reports the flash plugin version as 9.x?

Shockwave Flash 9.0 r31

Is it possible that you have more than one version of Shockwave Flash installed? Maybe an older version being found before the 9.x version?

What version of Firefox are you running?

I figured that was the case. Will someone running FF 2.x please confirm whether or not you are able to view the CNN videos using the Agent Switcher spoofing?

Are you perhaps using a different helper action for flash which is
pointing to an older version?  To check the flash action:

  Edit -> Preferences -> Downloads -> View & Edit Actions...

I have no "View and Edit actions" option.

  Use the search function for "flash"
  Select "Shockwave Flash file" and click the "Change Action..." button
  Make sure the "Use this Plugin:" option is selected.

Note: the above directions are for FF  The sequence may differ
for FF 2.x.

Yes it does differ.

I have to goto "content", then down to "filetypes" option "manage" to bring up that menu, but there is no flash entry, nor is there an "add" function.

I'm not running FF 2.x so I can't help you with this. Perhaps someone else on the list will chime in with some help. But, I suspect this is a red herring.

As Mike Chambers notes you may have to refresh the page after switching to Netscape 4.8(Windows Vista) spoofing. Also try clicking on the video target again in the "Next Up" tab to force the playing of the video. Oh, and recheck the spoofing it may revert to none after restarting the browser.


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