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Re: kdeaddons requires kdemultimedia-extras

On Wednesday 04 July 2007 04:29:08 pm Michael Schwendt wrote:
> On 04/07/07, lostson <lostson lostsonsvault org> wrote:
> >   Hello
> >  I am curious to know as to why kdeaddons requires kdemultimedia-extras
> > as a dependency ? This seems kind of odd to me. Now I have juk and all
> > these other apps I really don't need or want. I take these 2 packages are
> > linked somehow but why and what for ?
> There is no such dependency in the kdeaddons.spec file. What binary
> rpm do you refer to? And where does it come from?
> $ grep extr kdeaddons.spec
> %package extras
> %description extras
> %post extras
> %postun extras
> %files extras
> - kde* package splitting in -extras

 I am referring to kdeaddons - 3.5.6-4.fc7 I installed it this morning and it 
pulled in kdemultimedia-extras as a dependency. I was wanting to have the 
google search box in konqueror as I use konqueror as my web browser. and the 
kdemultimedia-extras package it pulled it is 3.5.6-7. These came straight out 
of yum as i did a yum install kdeaddons.



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