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Re: selinux eradicator?

Robin Laing wrote:

I just installed F7 on the weekend and ran into a few SELinux issues. The troubleshooter helped me greatly.

That is great to know. I was pointing out that it was easier to setup system to system variables with the browser. I was not promoting SELinux as the greatest concept for security.

I will run SELinux on my home machines as it will help prevent my kids from doing nasty things to the computer, at least I hope so. :)

My father was explaining to me a problem he was having when trying to get my cousin from trashing a Windows computer. (Virus prone sites.) So the point is that some aspects that the kids do should be better prevented with the added security measure. Of course virus prevention is not a main concern, but having the computer "owned" because of hacker activity should be prevented.

This is an interesting read and one point that seems to be, How do I remove all SELinux items.

I look at this from a different point. After trying it, I hate Evolution and I want to remove all traces of that but it is impossible.

With yum it is. It wants to remove much of your system packages. If you use rpm directly, it is a much simpler result, evolution is removed.

[root HP ~]# rpm -e evolution
[root HP ~]# rpm -q evolution
package evolution is not installed


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