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Re: mc

Les Mikesell:
>>> But, but, but... Having a slew of files with no commonalities doesn't 
>>> just happen by itself.

>> Ooooh yes it does (panto voice)...  You don't get a say in the naming of
>> some things, not every file is one that you've created yourself.  Even
>> when you do have control, you may not want to similarly name two (or
>> more) files that *may* get used together in something else.

Forgot the obvious to this sort of thing:  You'd be using a file manager
to try and bring chaos back into something easier to deal with.

Les Mikesell:
> I can't think of anything on my computer other than the OS distribution 
> where I did not have the choice of the directory where it was stored, 
> but in those cases you probably also can't decide by seeing the name in 
> a GUI view what the files do have in common or why you'd pick some of 
> them for a certain operation.  You'd probably need to let grep or find 
> generate a list for you based on something in the files contents or 
> attributes.  And then xargs will run a command on each one in the list 
> for you.

And doing all that paraphanalia is easier than opening a directory or
three in a file manager and looking at what's there?

Plugging two or three drives into a system, that have been ripped out of
others, to get bits and pieces from all over them onto a new system is a
right pain in the bum to do through the command line.  But very easy to
do graphically.

> "GUIs normally make it simple to accomplish simple actions and 
> impossible to accomplish complex actions." --Doug Gwyn (22/Jun/91 in 
> comp.unix.wizards)  This has not changed - and probably can't.

Have you tried DOpus 5 (or later) on a Windows environment?  If you have
the opportunity, do so.  Then you'll see what can be done with a decent
GUI file manager.

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Using FC 4, 5, 6 & 7, plus CentOS 5.  Today, it's FC7.

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