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Re: Moving from Sylphhed Claws to Evolution

Around 12:26pm on Thursday, July 05, 2007 (UK time), Karl Larsen scrawled:

>    I suggest you both try Thunderbird. If it is too GUI then I suggest 
> "mail". It's on F7. info mail tells you all about it &.

If this is a whoosh then sorry, but given some of your other "advice" on
this list I am not sure it is.  Mail is certainly not a mail client to
recommend to users who find Thunderbird "too GUI".  It is far to basic
and would certainly frustrate any newby who was here looking for advice.

If someone wants a terminal based client then I would recommend mutt,
which is what I use.  Ultimately configurable and very powerful.  I have
previously used sylpheed (GUI based) which was fine, but prefer the
flexibility of mutt, and also run squirrelmail which I can use for
remote access to my email when I don't want to run mutt via ssh.


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