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Re: How to partition an unpartitioned space!!!

Matthew Hoggan wrote:

I now have win 2k and fedora 7 installed on the same hard drive. However, I have run into a few issues that I am looking for answers.

1) fdisk –l is not working

Try just # fdisk and it shows you the form to use. If you have just one hard drive it will be #fdisk /dev/sda and it will let you do your thing.

2) is it bad that I did not set up a swap, and if so is there a way I can set it up in Linux after installation

Sure use fdisk and mkswap.

3) I have 150 gigs of un-partitioned space on my hard drive how do I partition it in Fedora so I can write to it from both linux and win2k if that is even possible

Again you can make a partition and call it a FAT32 partition for example. There is a laundry list of file types available in fdisk.

with-out running fdisk my current set up is

/dev/sda1 win2k MBR 7 gigs

/dev/sda2 linux / Mount point root file system 15 gigs

Should be easy.


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