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Re: Here are some of my ideas for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9

on 7/5/2007 7:43 AM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
>>>>> It seems to me that it is up to freshrpms to explain clearly
>>>>> on their web-site how to install their repository.
>>>>> I wouldn't have thought that would be very difficult.
>>>> Fortunately they do[1].
>>>> [1] "The easiest way to install freshrpms.net packages is to click
>>>> here from within firefox, choose to open with Software Installer (the
>>>> default) then go to Add/Remove Software from the main menu, where new
>>>> applications will be available in the list."
>>> I thought we were talking about yum repositories?
>>> Not how to install freshrpms software.
>> Did you read this? This installs the "yum repositories" configuration
>> files for freshrpms.
> I'm afraid I didn't find the explanation above,
> or the one at freshrpms.net, very clear.
> (I didn't realise that "click here" above meant
> "click where it says 'click here'"!)

Really? Perhaps I was a little vague when I asked if you had actually read
the page. But what is on the freshrpms site page, the entire paragraph of
instructions with 'click here' highlighted in a different color, seems
pretty clear to me.

> I would have said something like,
> "To add freshrpms to your repositories,
> download freshrpms-release.rpm (with a link)
> and install with rpm -Uvh".

Which is very close to what they said in that whole paragraph of
instructions. They actually made it esay for you. 'Click here' starts the
download. When the download window pops up select install. How is that

> Not very important though.
> My point really was that since one would presumably 
> have to go to freshrpms.net anyway to find out about it,
> it didn't matter too much whether RedHat gave a pointer or not.

You do know that there is more than one 'third party' repo? And that they
are all very different? And that some have different ways of adding their
repo data files? And that mixing RPMs from the different repos is *not*

Oh. BTW  -  Fedora is not RedHat.


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