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Re: Connecting an extra computer to Internet

On 7/5/07, Sultan Saini <javagrendel gmail com> wrote:
> I have a cable-based (not optic) modem/router to connect to the
> Internet (ADSL), which works fine. However, a friend comes in from
> time to time, bringing her laptop. Is there some cheap and easy way of
> letting her laptop to connect to Internet? Unfortunately, I cannot see
> any place in the modem/router to connect an extra cable...

Do you have a router installed, or are you connecting your computer
directly to the DSL modem? The two are usually separate devices, with
the router sitting between the modem and the computer. Routers
generally have at least 4 network jacks. The one I use at home is a
wireless router as well, which is much more convenient for laptops.

Thanks, Sultan Saini. I am connecting my computer directly to the DLS
modem (provided by my ISP). I think my DLS model is also a router, as
its configuration is done through a web interface.


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