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Re: F7 KDE USB Disk/Memory Stick Umounting

On Wed, 2007-07-04 at 23:38 +0200, Adalbert Prokop wrote:
> John Austin wrote on Friday 29 June 2007:
> > 1. Why are the two "identical" devices treated differently?
> I make a reasonable guess: that KDEs "fault". Those devices are not 
> identical, they have different properties. You can look at them using 
> hal-device-manager. KDE looks at these properties and invokes different 
> hal methods over DBUS. In case of the memory stick it would be "Eject" 
> and in case of the hard drive it would be "Unmount". It think so because 
> I also have an USB memory stick and an USB hard driver and their hal 
> method list is identical, but different methods are invoked on them.

I have managed to get hal-device-manager working and it does indeed
show differences between the USB Stick and USB Disk, in particular

info.addons			    dbus.Array([dbus.String(u'hald-addon-storage')].....
storage.media_check_enabled    1
storage.removable		   1

info.addons			Does not exist
storage.media_check_enabled    0
storage.removable 		  0

> > 2. Is there an easy method of changing all USB sticks
> >    to act the same as the USB Disk?
> I have some ideas but I had no time to investigate them further. I hope I 
> will have in the near future.
> 1. Replace hal-storage-eject with hal-storage-unmount (in /usr/libexec)
>    UGLY. And not update-safe.
> 2. Write a fdi file which either removes the Eject method from hal
>    methods' list or let "Eject" point to "hal-storage-unmount"
>    That would be my preferred method.
> 3. Somehow tell KDE to provide both options in the device's dialog:
>    unmount and eject. That would be just perfect.
> > Its just annoying !
> I most definitely agree with you. :-)
> > Surely you don't have to dig into hal/udev to fix this
> About this I'm not so sure...
> -- 
> bye,
> Adalbert

It is also noticeable that when using the USB Stick and
Safely remove is invoked then /dev/sdx1 etc are removed
leaving just /dev/sdx then this device does not work.
fdisk /dev/sdx fails to find the device

My knowledge runs out at this stage !!

Many thanks for the reply


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