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Re: CNN video - one more time

on 7/5/2007 1:07 PM, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> Ok, one more time. CNN and FoxNews videos do not owrk for me. Other
> videos, CBS, youtube,etc do.
> I have tried all the  supposed solutions and none work.For example the
> Netscape(Vita) does not work. We have been  beating this dead horse for
> too long. Is there a solution I missed?

Hi Aaron,

Not meant to be a smart butt. Just to be clear.   ;-)

You do have Flash 9.0 installed and you can see regular, other, Flash? If
you go to the Adobe site it will tell you.

You do have the 'user agent switcher' extension for Firefox installed and
you do understand that changing the setting does not 'stick'? That you
have to switch it each time you start Firefox when you want to see these

You do understand that you have to reload the page with the video play
section *if* you have already gone there *before* switching the user agent
ID? And to reload it by using Ctrl + F5 and *not* the reload button? Ctrl
+ F5 reloads the page from The Internet. The reload button refreshes from
the cache and that has already failed.

That is what works for me with CNN. I do not go to the Fox site. A
personal preference. But I will try it if you like.


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