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Re: Connecting an extra computer to Internet

On 7/5/07, Rick Stevens <rstevens internap com> wrote:
> > > I have a cable-based (not optic) modem/router to connect to the
> > > Internet (ADSL), which works fine. However, a friend comes in from
> > > time to time, bringing her laptop. Is there some cheap and easy way of
> > > letting her laptop to connect to Internet? Unfortunately, I cannot see
> > > any place in the modem/router to connect an extra cable...
> >
> > Do you have a router installed, or are you connecting your computer
> > directly to the DSL modem? The two are usually separate devices, with
> > the router sitting between the modem and the computer. Routers
> > generally have at least 4 network jacks. The one I use at home is a
> > wireless router as well, which is much more convenient for laptops.
> Thanks, Sultan Saini. I am connecting my computer directly to the DLS
> modem (provided by my ISP). I think my DLS model is also a router, as
> its configuration is done through a web interface.

Your modem contains a router.  ADSL needs that.  The question is,
how does your computer plug into the modem?  If it uses an RJ45
connector (a cable that looks like the cord you use to plug your phone
into the wall--but with 8 pins rather than 4), then the easiest way to
do it is:

    ADSL line <--> existing modem <--> switch <--> computer
                                              <--> 2nd computer
                                              <--> 3rd computer

The "switch" is an item you can buy for $20 US at most stores.  Many
companies actually make an ADSL modem/router/switch/WAN access point
combo box.

For example, D-Link's DSL-2640B is an ADSL modem, router/firewall,
4-port gigabit switch and 802.11g wireless access point.  The URL is
http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=1&pid=567.  Other companies (Airlink,
Cisco, etc.) make similar beasties.

One of these should be enough for you to do full-up networking at home.
If you're unfamiliar with wireless networking, make sure you set the
ESSID and WEP key or WPA passphrases to something other than the default
so other wireless users can't hijack your bandwidth.  I even go so far
as to not have the wireless stuff broadcast the ESSID.  If you don't
know my ESSID, you can't find it.  Just because I'm paranoid doesn't
mean they aren't out to get me!

Thanks, Rick and all other respondents. Yes, my DSL modem connects to
my computer by using an RJ45 connector. The shopkeeper where I went to
buy a switch claims that the switch may not work and that I should
instead buy a router. So, I would like to ask you whether it is really
as he claims.


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