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Re: Connecting an extra computer to Internet

Around 10:41pm on Thursday, July 05, 2007 (UK time), Kevin J. Cummings scrawled:

> From what *I* have seen of DSL modems, they only want to talk with 1
> computer.  You have to have a wireless/router/DSL modem (and it usually
> has more than one 1 ethernet port) in order to talk to more than one
> computer on your local network side.  My daughter has such a beast from
> Verizon in her apartment.  Her roommate can either connect via wireless
> connection, or run a long ethernet cable to the router.

If this is the case it sounds like a router is the better choice, so
ignore my recent advice to buy a cheap switch.

You mentioned ealier, that you could configure the modem via a web
interface - does that allow you to do things such as set up DHCP for
multiple clients and do port forwarding?


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