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Re: Connecting an extra computer to Internet

Paul Smith wrote:
On 7/5/07, Steve Searle <steve stevesearle com> wrote:
> Thanks, Dave. I have still no LAN (as far as I am aware of it); I only
> have a single computer and a modem to connect to the Internet. What do
> you mean by NIC? How can I know whether I have already got NICs in my
> computer?

Is your modem a separat "box" fromt the PC?

If it is, how does it connect to your PC?  Perhaps via USB?

Yes, Steve, it is a separate "box", and I connect it to my PC with a
cable through the embodied Ethernet card.

Do you know what make & model the modem is, and
have you checked the documentation and manufacturer's
site?  From another post where you say it's managed
through a web interface I think it could be a router
without a switch (they do exist), but it's not
possible to confirm this without a model number.

If the web interface mentions DHCP I'd say the odds
go up significantly.  Also if you can find out what
gateway your computer is using for its net connection
a private subnet would probably indicate a router.[1]

[1] I don't know for certain, but I think both of these
    could be present even if your modem wasn't a proper
    router.  It would be odd though.


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