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Re: Connecting an extra computer to Internet

William Case wrote:
Hi Paul;

But as the Original Poster, of this simple question, I think you deserve
a simple answer.  You can learn all about cables, switches and routers

On Thu, 2007-07-05 at 16:27 +0100, Paul Smith wrote:
Dear All,

I have a cable-based (not optic) modem/router to connect to the
Internet (ADSL), which works fine. However, a friend comes in from
time to time, bringing her laptop. Is there some cheap and easy way of
letting her laptop to connect to Internet? Unfortunately, I cannot see
any place in the modem/router to connect an extra cable...

Thanks in advance,


I have a Motorola Cable modem supplied to me by my cable company.  One
end is connected to a fork or splitter on the incoming cable.  Next I
have a cheap AOpen router ($20 - $25 US or CAD$) which can take four
computer installations connected by a RJ45 line.  By luck this house was
purchased with lines from every room.  That means the router can handle
anything up to 100 feet away.  Buy as long a RJ45 line as you think you
will need.

At the risk of sounding like an old song.  The incoming TV cable is
connected to the splitter and the splitter is connected to the cable
modem.  The cable modem is connected to the cheap router; and, the cheap
router is connected to the first or permanent computer: and the cheap
router is then connected to the guest computer; and all works fine.

All that sounds complicated. I have a very cheap D-Link 4 port wired router that also has one WiFi port. I have found I can have my Sony Lap-Top anywhere in this big house and still get the Internet on Windows. I'm working on the same with Linux.


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