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Re: Here are some of my ideas for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9

on 7/5/2007 4:13 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
>>> My point really was that since one would presumably
>>> have to go to freshrpms.net anyway to find out about it,
>>> it didn't matter too much whether RedHat gave a pointer or not.
>> You do know that there is more than one 'third party' repo? And that they
>> are all very different? And that some have different ways of adding their
>> repo data files? And that mixing RPMs from the different repos is *not*
>> recommended?
> I don't see the relevance of that to what I said.
> Surely it is up to the repository web-site to give whatever information
> about their repository is necessary.
> I don't think it is RedHat's job to do it.
> Yes, I do know there is more than one unofficial repository.

Good. And good again. Many don't know item #1. And many don't understand
item #2. It makes for many long, repetitive, an boring same subject threads.

Have a good day.


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