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Re: Here are some of my ideas for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9

David Boles wrote:

>> No, I was kind of bored with the whole thing.  ;-)
> Yeah. Me too. I was hoping a long crappy post would kill it. I'll stop if
> you will.  ;-)

OK, I will...after this last one...regardless of what you may say after you
read below.  :-)

>>> That part, about NVida, was put in just to show that a Newbie that can't
>>> figure out how to do this in the first place sure as heck will not know
>>> how to fix it.
>> That's good.
>> I put my $.02 in (relevant or not) just to point out that the closed source
>> folks do fix reported problems in a timely manner.  ;-)
> NVidia is pretty good about that?  You did read that article just as you
> skiped my rant. Known about in 2004, maybe existed before, and fixed in
> Oct 2006 does not impress me a rapid response?

I read the article....but I couldn't find any evidence other than the
article that the flaw was reported to nVidia back in 2004.  So, all that I'm
saying is the bug, according to
http://www.rapid7.com/advisories/R7-0025.jsp, was report in Oct 2006 and
fixed in 2006.

> I have nvidia video. Have for years. Don't use the 3D drivers. Don't need 'em.

Sounds like a choice.  Isn't that nice that with Linux we have that luxury?

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