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Re: CNN video (TSI Helpdesk Ticket: 33524 (fwd))

On Thursday 05 July 2007, Aaron Konstam wrote:
>On Thu, 2007-07-05 at 10:26 -0700, David Boles wrote:
>> on 7/5/2007 9:16 AM, Mike C wrote:
>> > David Boles <dgboles <at> gmail.com> writes:
>> >> Using the latest flash plugin and the user-agent-switcher extension,
>> >> set to Netscape on Vista, will allow CNN videos to play.
>> >
>> > It does not work for me with the same setup - did you have any special
>> > settings in your browser.
>> Did you add the icon to the taskbar? Else you can use the entry in the
>> Tools menu.
>> Did you change from default to Netscape/Vista? The 'button' on the
>> taskbar, if you added it, turns from grey to green.
>> Then you have to reload the page with Ctrl F5 so that Firefox reports
>> itself again. Or change it *before* you try to view any videos.
>> This 'user-agent switcher' change does not 'stick'. Firefox goes back goes
>> to reporting itself the original way if you close it. Or you can set it
>> back by hand.
>Ok, noow I understand how to use the Netscape/Vista setting and CNN
>videos work. FoxNews is still all black.

Well, by spoofing cnn as netscape via the UAS, cnn works just fine.  Then I 
opened another tab and reset the UAS to default, went to foxnews and the 
first video I clicked on worked, video and audio although the audio was 10db 
louder than cnn's.  I've watched several foxnews fab^H^H^Hstories previously 

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Cheers, Gene
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