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Re: NetworkManager Problem

Jonathan Dieter wrote:
On Fri, 2007-07-06 at 09:11 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
Non-sense it was NM that turned off eth0. Here is /var/log/message for the event:

I by accident loaded NM on this computer which has only one source of the Internet from eth0. It was working fine and no problems until about 8AM when it appeared the Internet had failed. I could not get Google on my web browser. A hint I missed was that when I tried to reach my DSL modem with a call of it failed. I know now it failed because eth0 was turned off by NM.
Let's look at why a second:

This is what /var/log/messages tells me:

Jul  5 08:08:02 localhost kernel:  sdc: sdc1
Jul  5 08:08:04 localhost hald: mounted /dev/sdc1 on behalf of uid 500
Jul 5 08:08:41 localhost hald: unmounted /dev/sdc1 from '/media/disk' on behalf of uid 500 Jul 5 08:17:45 localhost NetworkManager: <WARN> nm_signal_handler(): Caught signal 15, shutting down normally.
Caught signal 15 means that someone or something has told NetworkManager
to quit.

Jul 5 08:17:45 localhost NetworkManager: <info> Caught terminiation signal
Jul  5 08:17:45 localhost NetworkManager: <info>  Deactivating device eth0.
Jul 5 08:17:45 localhost dhclient: DHCPRELEASE on eth0 to port 67
As NetworkManager shuts down, it also deactivates any devices that it
controls (in this case, eth0).
OK well we need to find out what told NM to terminate. I know I didn't do that manually so it had to be some other application. Also I think a better terminate state would be to leave the currently working system working.

When a computer with just one source of Internet has that turned off by NM it is a serious Bug I think. Your better at reading the messages and perhaps you can find a reason I missed.
It would be a bug if NetworkManager shut down eth0 for no reason, but it
did so because it was told to exit...and exactly the same thing happens
if you shut down the network the old way.

Hope this explains the problem.

Yes it does but I have not heard anything from the NM people so not sure what to think. When I do I will give your data to them.


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