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Re: Kernel source

Francois wrote:

I used to compile my own kernel, using the source available on kernel.org.
With that new computer, where I installed Fedora7, I installed and run the kernel provided with Fedora, not a one of my own. Now I need to compile a driver for my webcam (uvcvideo), and it fails because of the source of the kernel not installed. What do I have to download to get the source ? I saw files like kernel-devel, kernel-doc, kernel-headers, kernel-PAE, kernel-xen, etc... I'm a little bit confused. Another question : it seems that source should be installed under /usr/src/kernels/2.xxxxx, why "kernels/" ? Why not "linux", or linux-2.6.21xxxx

You need the kernel-headers package matching your target kernel to
build modules.  Install it via yum, I think it will pull down
kernel-devel too.  Then do the normal ./configure, make on your

Other kernel-somethings are kernels with particular features
(for example, compiled to run under Xen).


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