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Re: Here are some of my ideas for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9

David Boles wrote:

*Really BIG snip*<

If you would like to see this as an example, with your permission, I will
email it to you. Since the EULA is somewhat large I would not think that
it should be list traffic. It is a little over 14K and some here have limits.
No, as I mentioned before, I have boxes of this stuff. The last Dell I bought years ago came with 21 CDs.

The ELUA. You should actually study one some day.

Nowhere else, except here in 'Linux Land', does anyone expect software or
features for software to be provided for free.

We both know those 21 CDs weren't free even though they were bundled into the cost of the hardware.

You choose to use the 'Geek
OS', as do I and many others, so you have to deal with it and what it
still lacks. Or, I guess, you could sue them for not providing you with
their proprietary product/service/codecs for free just because you have a
MAC or Windows CD that came with your computer.

But I can get the codecs for free, jut not their copyrighted versions. The question is, can the holder of the patent on an algorithm who has already been paid for a license to use on the device I have prevent me from using a different version of that same algorithm?

Well this as been a nice debate. You are not going to change your mind,
that is obvious.

However the courts and all the lawyers say that you have it wrong.

I don't believe a court has ruled on this particular issue, at least regarding patents covering software algorithms and whether you are permitted to replace parts or all of it on your own device. As for lawyers, they say what they are paid to say and you'll find some on both sides of every case.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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