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Re: WiFi on Fedora laptops

bruce wrote:
hi karl...

coming in late to this issue, so i don't have all the information.

do you currently have wireless on the laptop?

what is your laptop/manufacturer?

what FC version are you running...

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This is hard because we lack some essential data, and no place to find it. The first step is to name your wifi hardware on your computer.

The second step is to determine which module(s) you need and what to call the main one. I was fooling around with ipw2200 when what I needed was ANOTHER kernel and the magic name ath_pci Is there anywhere a person can get this information? I don't even know what to call it :-!

If it's on Google please don't tell me how many useless pages it's on. Tell me just one.


Hi my laptop is a SONY and it is old enough to have an early wifi hardware.


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