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Re: iPod mystery -

Todd Zullinger wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
OK, apparently Apple doesn't want users to be able to copy stuff off
the device?  In this case I've swapped their computer that has their
itunes on it with another better box and they would like to extract
what they have on the iPods and put it in the "new" computer.

There ought to be a way to extract files from the old computer and
put them on the new one but I am lost when I have to deal with
Windos and generally look for the path of least resistance.  They
were trying to copy from the iPod and I just continued with that
effort ...

For friends that are still on windows, here's the way I've done this:

Plug in iPod
Don't load iTunes, close it if it runs
Browse to the iPod in explorer
Enable viwing hidden files
Browse to iPod_Control
Copy the Music directory to the computer
Disconnect iPod
Start iTunes
In the prefs, have iTunes keep the iTunes folder organized and copy
imported tracks to the iTunes folder
Import the Music folder you copied

That works simply and without any extra software for me.  There are
probably gotcha's with purchased music, but I don't deal with those on
general principal.  If someone paid for music that is locked, that's
their problem, not mine. :)

Ok, I appreciate the information and will try the things you have suggested, both for Linux and for Windows. Of course I always like to show them that I can do things on my Linux boxes that they haven't been able to do in Windows.

As for the music, I don't know where it came from but I'm certain they have paid for a lot of it! The stuff they listen to is not my choice but they are my grand kids so I make an exception although it is difficult!

Thank you for the help.

Bob Goodwin

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