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Re: wpc54gs problem

On Sun, Jul 08, 2007 at 06:25:31AM -0700, Pierre Lamb wrote:

> Hi all, I am having problems with my WPC54GSver1.1.
> This card worked with FC6 using BCM43xx , no problems.
> Since I upgraded to F7 it will not work. I am using
> the updaTED FIRMWAREthe other firmware reported as "to
> old" in the log file. Now I get an error that it can't
> "set bit rate"  and it will not get a IP because the
> "radio" remains off. Iwlist show serveral accesspoints
> some locked some open and iwconfig no connection (as
> expected. What am I missing???? Help!!!! I hate using
> XP  

I had a similar issues with a WMP54GSv1.1 last week. However after the
set bit rate errors it would completely lock up the box. I too could
not find a working firmware. (This was with a stock FC6 installation.)
I eventually loaded ndiswrapper and have not had a problem since. I
realize this does not directly apply to your issue but it may be a
solution that will work for you as well.

- Erich

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