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Re: mailman

Tim wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-07-08 at 20:19 +0200, mattias jonsson wrote:
>> How to change mailman language to swedish
> Just out of curiosity, if you access the mailman webpages with a
> browser where you've set up your accepted languages, does it
> automatically provide the text in your preferred languages?
> It should do.  In the sense that content negotiation is a technology
> with enough history behind it that applications should be supporting
> it.

I don't think it does, though I may not know how to test it properly.
I did this:

curl -H "Accept-Language: sv" http://localhost/mailman/listinfo | \
    w3m -T text/html

This works with sites like google, so I *think* the test is good.

It may be that mailman has reasons for not using the Accept-Language
header, or it may be that it simply hasn't been implemented by anyone
yet.  A search of the mailman users or developers list or the mailman
bug tracker might provide more details.  If not, I'm confident that
asking on mailman-users would get one of the developers to give some

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