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Re: bluetooth support

Francois wrote:
My phone sees well my laptop, ask me for a pin.
that's where I have a pb. I tried lots of pin, but each time if failed to connect. I tried to add a file named "pin", in /etc/bluetooth, with the right digits in it, but it failed too. I've tried to install gnome-phone-manager too, but it doesn't help me.
I must do something wrong, but i don't know what. ideas ? Thanks. Francois

Assuming that you are trying to pair the two, initiating the pairing from the laptop never worked for me. I initiate the pairing from the phone, i.e. search for devices from the phone and then pair it. The phone requests for a PIN and I just enter any 4 digit number. The same number is to be entered when the Gnome Bluetooth manager prompts you for a it.

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