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Re: F7: SELinux feature or bug?

Jeroen Lankheet wrote:
I already restored the default policies on all files. But that did not the trick. With disabling selinux I can actually login again.
Now what to do with the selinux, reinstall selinux? Anyone?


I find the most success by changing to runlevel 1 and then running
fixfiles --relabel
The problem would then be that you would need to setup the SELinux policies for SAMBA share again.

The bad "advice" given to correct your SELinux problem is probably worth reporting since using the / directory like suggested sounds like a major bug in terms of security and system functionality. It does not sound much like a feature to me.

Before running the program that I suggested, you probably want to run
setenforce 0
before running it to put SELinux in permissive mode. Running enforcing might not allow correction of the problem because of policy restrictions.


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