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Re: bluetooth support

On dimanche 8 juillet 2007, you wrote:

> Could you try and explain a little bit of what you are trying to do?
> What happens if you try to transfer a file / image from your laptop to
> your mobile?
> Note, for file transfers to occur, you need to run the "Applications ->
> System Tools -> Bluetooth File Sharing" applet.
> What is the result of "hcitool scan" on the terminal?

Finally, I successfully sent an image from my mobile to the PC. 
I got to make it to work, to create a file "pin" under /etc/bluetooth (I saw 
I have to end the line containing the digits by a carriage return, without 
it it didn't work here). I got to rename the file I found 
under /etc/bluetooth from hcid.conf.rpmnew to hcid.conf. I backed up the 
old hcid.conf file. I changed the line "passkey "Bluez", in the hcid.conf 
file to passkey "xxxx" where xxxx are the same digits as the one I put in 
the pin file. And now I make at least one transfert ;-).
The pb I still have is : how do I do to transfert a file FROM the PC TO the 
I tried to drag and drop the file to the little icon "blutooth share 
applet", but it doesn't work.
I use kde and konqueror, but a right click in konqueror doesn't give me an 
entry to send to the mobile.
So if someone could give me a program, a way to transfert a file, it will 
help. Thank you. Francois


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