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Re: mv command behavior

lists dwsasia com wrote:
> Hi, I don't know if I already sent this question or not, my server
> died before, and I havn't been able to receive the mails for a
> while.
> I want to move the files from one dir to another, but only if they
> are newer. So I do:
> mv -u /tmp/dirA/dirB /dirC/dirB
> Meaning moving it from being a subdir of /tmp/dirA to be a subdir of
> /dirC.
> The first time it works, but the next time it will end up being like
> this:
> /dirC/dirB/dirB :(
> Could I use the "cp -ru" instead with some other flag to remove
> files successfully copied?

I would suggest rsync for this task.  You could use it to sync
/tmp/dirA/dirB with /dirC/dirB, deleting files not in /tmp/dirA/dirB
from /dirC/dirB something like this:

$ rsync -av --delete /tmp/dirA/dirB/ /dirC/dirB/

The trailing slashes are significant, so check out the rsync man page
for more details.

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