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Re: Squid Alternative?

Devon Harding wrote:

On 7/9/07, *Les Mikesell* <lesmikesell gmail com <mailto:lesmikesell gmail com>> wrote:

    Devon Harding wrote:
     > I'm looking for a redirector like Squid for incoming access based on
     > host name.  I normally use xinet.d, but that only has a one to one
     > mapping. I would like the redirector route traffic based on the host
     > name of the target.

    You can only do this for http, where the host name is passed in a header
    from the client.  Apache can do it if you create named virtual hosts
    that use the ProxyPass directive or a RewriteRule with the [P] flag to
    proxy the requests to a backend server.  You'll also need a
    ProxyPassReverse directive configured to fix redirects issued by the end

Maybe thats what I need to do, as I need for the same server doing the proxying to accept http request as well

Yes, apache can sort this out itself. If anything else accepts port 80 you'd have to also have a special case to redirect even the local host, perhaps to apache on an alternate port.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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