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Re: postfix failing

Scott Berry wrote:
> I am still trying to set up mailman but my postfix is failing and I
> looked under /var/logs with no luck.  Where does Postfix hold it
> logs and also where do I look for a failure.

As Alan said, /var/log/maillog is the first place to look.

> I looked in the main.cf and the aliases to make sure they were okay
> it looks good.

In main.cf, you have a spurious "u" on the last line of the file.
That shouldn't be there.

In the aliases file, you've got some mailman aliases.  You don't want
them in there or you'll run into problems later.  The mailman aliases
should be in /etc/mailman/aliases, which you should create using the
genaliases command (as per the mailman docs).  The mailman scripts and
other commands are in /usr/lib/mailman/bin.

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