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Re: postfix failing

Scott Berry wrote:
> Yeppers sure have I am assuming that mailman shouldn't be running
> yet right?

It shouldn't matter too much if it is, though if you're following
along in the install manual, it won't be just yet. :)

I did an install on F7 earlier today just to test out whether there
were any problems and I didn't find anything.  I had to adjust various
paths from the documentation to match the layout used in Fedora, but
otherwise I followed the directions and had some lists up and running.
Of course, I've done this numerous times before, so I have a slight
advantage. ;-)

Do you get any output from genaliases?  Is there anything added to any
of the logs in /var/logs/mailman when you run it?  If no to all of the
above, can you attach your mailman config so we can see it?

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