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Re: fc7 should be f7

Jim Cornette wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:

It is the first time that I heard the reason. I'm not subscribed to the devel list.

The archives are open to everyone even if you are not subscribed.

It is easier for someone to explain the reason why the fc was maintained than to go through archives where extensive discussions were preserved in an archive for a list that users who are not developers hardly even think about or may not have ever subscribed to. I might subscribe again to the list if all the information flows to that list. I kind of miss some of the types of discussions that took place on the list anyway.

No, it's not easier for someone to explain something when they are many points in that discussion so don't expect me to do a big summary but in short: Breaking an upgrade path in many scenarios for what is effectively a trivial name change in the package is more pain than gain. Fedora Extras already had "fc" packages so it's not like there is anything very new to discuss. If you really want to follow development, subscribe to the development list or read the Fedora weekly news which offers relatively short summaries.


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