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Re: auto install of nvidia driver

On Tuesday July 10 2007 2:06:26 am Phil Meyer wrote:
> It most certainly will not work, and cannot possibly work for the
> original poster, who most plainly wrote that is is using a non Fedora
> kernel.
> For those not paying attention............

another young whippersnapper!
It did occur to me that Gene uses custom kernels, but only after the fact, and 
only from memory as I hadn't followed the whole thread. I was simply 
responding to his interchange with Brian:

>DKMS works great for me, no configuration necessary. Just install the
>DKMS rpms and the nVidia driver from freshrpms. I also use the DKMS
>aware wireless driver and everything gets handle automatically at boot.
>- Brian

Such info was not made available when I asked about dkms
I don't really know exactly how dkms is written - are you sure this script 
will only work with Fedora kernels? I know it's used by other distros because 
I learned of it over on the PCLinuxOS list over a year ago. If you install 
custom kernels, can you get the kernel-devel and kernel-headers packages for 
same? If so, would dkms not work in that situation? I'm not challenging what 
you said - I'd just like to know how it works. Looking at Akemi's suggestion, 
it appears that he's checking the kernel at boot-up and running the nvidia 
installation if it detects a new kernel, but I don't fully understand the 
code and could certainly have that wrong, but, if so - doesn't running the 
nvidia installation file require the devel and headers too? Questions, 

Claude (OF) Jones
Brunswick, MD

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