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Re: Fedora 7 wireless connection woes with Intel Pro/set wireless 3945abg

peedee wrote:
allright, in fedora now.

ive started to try some of these things but have run across a few
first off when i modprobe i get an unrecognized command error...

then i attempted to install the intel wireless wifi link thing, and i
ended up here:
http://atrpms.net/dist/f7/mac80211/ [1]
and here:
http://atrpms.net/dist/f7/iwlwifi/ [2]

when i download and attempt to install the package i get the error of
a missing dependancy:
for the mac80211:
Missing Dependency: mac80211-kmdl-9.0.0-12.fc7 is needed by package

and for the ilwifi:
Missing Dependency: iwlwifi-kmdl-0.0.35-16.fc7 is needed by package

(Attention: it'd be better to not read this at all rather than
only some of it, otherwise you may end up doing completely the
wrong thing.)

To be clear: iwl should already be in Fedora 7 (my 3945abg works
with the F7 live cd with no changes).  I'm not sure what these
atrpms modules are for, possibly more recent versions of the
drivers.  The -kmdl packages they depend on are kernel module
packages.  These will be available for the current release kernel
and the previous one or two.  Installing packages from the
repositories it is best to set up the repository (most provide
"install repository" packages to do this automatically) and then

$ yum install PACKAGENAME

Which will deal with dependencies for you.  When trying to
set up wifi this is obviously problematic, your options
1. Connect the machine via ethernet.
2. Download all the dependencies, copy them to the machine
   and rpm -ivh them.
3. Download the entire relevant repository, copy it to the local
   machine and set up a as local repository (advanced and probably
   a waste of time).

(NB it's best to avoid having packages from too many third
party repositories as they can interfere.)

also for the ipw3945 driver the rpm doesnt list anything to install
but when run gives this dependacy error:
Missing Dependency: ipw3945-kmdl-1.2.0-18.3.fc7 is needed by package

I used Freshrpms not atrpms to get ipw3945, so I don't know
that much about how they package the driver.  However I'd
guess if ipw3945 doesn't install any files then it's a package
to pull down all the others as dependencies and maybe run some
install scripts.  Hence it depends on the kernel module (the
missing ipw3945-kmdl), which you haven't installed.  Again
the idea is that you'd do 'yum install ipw3945' and all the
parts would get downloaded.

the ipw3945-ucode rpm also lists nothing to install but apparently
installed successfully

the daemon installed successfuly also
then i moved on to try to installl the wifi link as described here:
http://intellinuxwireless.org/?p=iwlwifi&n=HOWTO-iwlwifi [3]

These are instructions for iwlwifi, not ipw3945.  In any case
with the packages and all dependencies installed correctly you
shouldn't need to do anything else under normal conditions.

For reference, using Freshrpms, these are the modules I needed:
dkms-ipw3945 (kernel module, see below)
ipw3945d     (daemon)

Additionally from the main Fedora repo, 'dkms' and all the packages
it pulls down.  Again you'd do: yum install dkms.

dkms is Dynamic Kernel Module Support; it is a system to avoid
needing a new kernel module package each time the kernel is updated,
instead the module is rebuilt at boot time if necessary.  Most of
the Freshrpms modules use dkms.  The atrpms modules do not, this
is why there is a seperate -kmdl package for each combination of
driver module and kernel package.

So the following script yoou run should be redundant; the
packages should take care of it.  I would recommend removing
those you installed so far, setting up freshrpms or atrpms[1]
and attempting to install the ipw3945 packages, followed by
performing the blacklisting I mentioned in my first post.

but when i get to this point:
./load debug=0x43fff
it returns:
./unload: line 23: lsmod: command not found
./unload: line 23: lsmod: command not found
./unload: line 23: lsmod: command not found
./unload: line 23: lsmod: command not found
No modules unloaded.
./load: line 23: modprobe: command not found
./load: line 23: modprobe: command not found
./load: line 23: modprobe: command not found
./load: line 23: modprobe: command not found
./load: line 28: lsmod: command not found
./load: line 28: lsmod: command not found
./load: line 28: lsmod: command not found
./load: line 49: insmod: command not found
Load failed.

I'd guess you're either running that script as a normal
user or, if as root, you have used 'su' when you should
have used 'su -'.  Regardless, hopefully you don't need
to do this.

and thats where im at now and i think ill let it rest for a while

Yes, it can be a bit frustrating till you figure out how
it's supposed to go.


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