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Re: one small mailman problem left to resolve

Scott Berry wrote:
> I forgot to start mailman but when I do start it here is the message
> I get:
> [root pilotalk mailman]# service mailman start
> Starting mailman: Site list is missing: mailman
>                                                         [FAILED]
> [root pilotalk mailman]#
> But I see sitelist.cfg in /etc/mailman.

The sitelist.cfg is just a config you can use to setup the site list
with sensible defaults.

To create the list (mentioned in INSTALL.REDHAT and in the
mailman-install html docs):

# /usr/lib/mailman/bin/newlist mailman
(follow the prompts)

Then use config_list to apply the settings from sitelist.cfg to the
mailman list:

# /usr/lib/mailman/bin/config_list -i /etc/mailman/sitelist.cfg mailman

Review the list's options in the web interface and make any changes
you need to make.  Then start the mailman service.  You should get a
few messages that were sitting in the mailman queue.

You'll also want to ensure that httpd, postfix and mailman are set to
be started by default so that when you reboot in a few months you
won't have to scratch your head and wonder why things aren't working.

The chkconfig utility is good for this.  chkconfig --list <service>
will show you the current settings.  chkconfig <service> on will turn
it on in the default runlevels.  So do:

# chkconfig mailman on
# chkconfig postfix on
# chkconfig httpd on

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