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Re: OT: The optimal time to buy RAM

Paul Smith wrote:
Dear All,

When my previous computer was 4 years old, the RAM memory for it was
rarely available and, when available, was expensive. Now, I have a new
computer, one year old. Could someone please help me with determining
the right time to buy new memory in order to buy it the cheapest

Thanks in advance,


Google for "wholesale dram memory prices", you'll get lots of hits.

It appears that memory prices hit bottom in June, and are now going up because production is shifting to flash memory. Retail prices lag wholesale by a few weeks. It goes in cycles. The overproduction caused by the less than spectacular Vista release has caused really low prices, don't expect them to last.

You didn't mention what type of memory you require. DDR2 is mainstream now (cheapest), DDR3 is still very expensive, and DDR is old tech that is increasing in price due to lack of production. If you need DDR, buy it now, it won't get cheaper.

Or just shop the Newegg website, they track memory prices closely.



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