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Re: Fedora 7 wireless connection woes with Intel Pro/set wireless 3945abg

On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 12:40:18PM +0200, peedee wrote:
> allright, in fedora now.
> ive started to try some of these things but have run across a few
> problems...
> first off when i modprobe i get an unrecognized command error...
> then i attempted to install the intel wireless wifi link thing, and i
> ended up here:
> http://atrpms.net/dist/f7/mac80211/ [1]
> and here:
> http://atrpms.net/dist/f7/iwlwifi/ [2]
> when i download and attempt to install the package i get the error of
> a missing dependancy: 
> for the mac80211:
> Missing Dependency: mac80211-kmdl-9.0.0-12.fc7 is needed by package
> mac80211
> and for the ilwifi:
> Missing Dependency: iwlwifi-kmdl-0.0.35-16.fc7 is needed by package
> iwlwifi
> where would i find this?
> also for the ipw3945 driver the rpm doesnt list anything to install
> but when run gives this dependacy error:
> Missing Dependency: ipw3945-kmdl-1.2.0-18.3.fc7 is needed by package
> ipw3945

These are provided in packages called foo-kmdl-<you kernel's uname -r
here> right next to where you found the above packages.

If you use yum and point to ATrpms the all you usually need is just

yum install iwlwifi


yum install ipw3945

depedneing on what you'd like to use. If you don't have the kmdl
plugin for yum, the assist yum with

yum install iwlwifi-kmdl-`uname -r` or
yum install ipw3945-kmdl-`uname -r`

or if you don't want to use yum, just get the missing packages as you
got the first ones.
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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