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Re: Ndiswrapper not loading?

as root:

ndiswrapper -m
ndiswrapper -ma
ndiswrapper -mi

Those commands should ensure that ndiswrapper gets loaded.


On 7/10/07, Stanczak Group <justin stanczakgroup com> wrote:
Anyone have issues with modules not loading? There's no errors with
ndiswrapper. I can do a modprobe and it loads just fine. It just won't
load when I reboot. Any suggestions?

Stanczak Group wrote:
> Just looked and those package do depend on each other, so they do get
> installed together.
> Stanczak Group wrote:
>> On F7 64Bit I have kmod-ndiswraper-1.46-
>> and ndiswrapper-1.46-1.lvn7.x86_64. Not sure I should have both, may
>> be the problem? But I have these installed and in the modprobe.d. But
>> when I reboot it doesn't load ndiswrapper. If I do a modprobe
>> ndiswrapper it loads and works just fine. My question is why won't it
>> load on boot? Also, I notice the pcspkr module loads even though I
>> have it on the blacklist, what's the deal with that?

Justin Stanczak
Stanczak Group

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