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Re: Laptop Dual boot with WinXP

---- Mike - EMAIL IGNORED <m_d_berger_1900 yahoo com> wrote: 
> Where can I get the best information on
> how to install FC7 as dual boot with
> WinXP on a Compaq laptop?
> Thanks,
> Mike.
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The most important thing is that you must install Windows XP before you install linux Then you need to create a partition on which to install linux.  You can install partition magic on XP and use it to resize/create partitions since it knows about linux partition types.Then install F7 in that partition.  F7 detects that there is another OS on the non-linux partitions and sets up the grub.conf file so that you can dual boot.  It will label the other OS as Other in the grub.conf file.  By default F7 will set things up to boot linux.  If you want to change the default change the 


entry in grub.conf to point to the XP entry.


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