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Re: Minimal Boot Media?

On Wed, 11 Jul 2007 12:28:40 -0400, Todd Zullinger wrote:

> Mike - EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
>> At the Fedora project home page I click:
>>   Get Fedora -> Network Install
>> I find myself on a doc page.  Is this a bad link?
> No, I don't think so.
>> On the doc page I see a partial URL ending in boot.iso ... looks
>> good, but where is it?  I looked for it at several mirrors, but I
>> see only Live CD and the full DVD.
> That path should be good on any mirror.
>> Where is it, or should I use Live CD?  I expect that on my systems,
>> I will not want much of what is on Live CD.
> I would suggest grabbing the rescuecd.  It contains what's on the
> boot.iso plus the second stage anaconda installer, which you'll end up
> downloading if you use the boot.iso anyway.  Another advantage to
> using the rescuecd is that it is signed, so you can verify it's
> integrity via gpg.  The boot.iso is not signed, and therefore you
> can't verify it.
> As one example, the rescuecd iso can be found at:
> http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora/releases/7/Fedora/i386/iso/

I got the rescuecd as suggested and booted from it on my
laptop that has with WinXP and a free partition to be used
for FC7.  It lists some options, but none for installing a
new system. The option is "Install or Upgrade an existing
system".  I do not have an existing system that I want to
upgrade.  How do I proceed?


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