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Re: f7 update broke lots of stuff

On 7/11/07, Ken Dyke <ken_i_m bozemanlug org> wrote:

Ran yum update about an hour ago.  First update in about a week.

The frames around windows is missing.  I can't move a window with the
mouse.  I have only one desktop (workspace icon on the task bar is
missing).  In fact, there are no buttons on the taskbar for running

Went digging around to look for stuff to help describe the problem.
Looked in upgrade.log and found lots of packages with errors that look
like the one below:

I could be wrong - someone help me here - but the I/O errors seem to
be caused by scrollkeeper, and may not be related to your problem.  Is
there anything strange in /var/log/yum.log?

I'm assuming you're using GNOME - do you have any other window
managers to choose from at the login screen (KDE, etc - think the menu
is 'options->select session' on the default login screen)?  If so, try
one of them and see if you can log in.

Or try creating a new user and logging in with that account - if the
problem goes away, it's probably something in one of the ~./gnome

Do you have 'desktop effects' - aka compiz - enabled by any chance?


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