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Presto repositories for FC6, F7 and Rawhide back up.

The Lebanon Evangelical School - Loueizeh has generously lent us a
dedicated server to host Presto repositories and the school has agreed
to continue lending us the server until both FC6 and F7 are EOL'd.

I've gotten the FC6, F7 and Rawhide repositories up and running for
i386.  For Rawhide, you need the new yum-presto-0.4.0, which has been
almost completely rewritten.  For FC6 and F7, you will need to continue
using yum-presto-0.3.x (at least for the moment).

For those wondering what Presto is, it is a method of downloading only
the differences of rpms for updates, rather than full rpms.

For more information (and the new deltaurls), see:


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